Knockdown & Rebuild

Start a new from the ground up and build the home you want

There are many benefits to choosing our knockdown and rebuild option.

Perhaps you wish to knockdown your current home and rebuild the home of your dreams, or perhaps you’ve bought in your dream location and now you just need to build your dream home to match. This way, you get to build yourself a brand new, modern home to suit your modern lifestyle.

Think of the costs and hassles you won’t have to deal with if you knockdown and rebuild:

  • You don’t have to move location – stick with what you and your family are familiar with and stay near to your family and friends.
  • Avoid buying and selling costs and keep the equity in your land – there’s no stamp duty this way and no real estate agents taking a cut of your home investment.
  • Escape the headache of home renovations – renovating is not necessarily as cost and time efficient as knocking down your existing home and rebuilding. Home renovation may not be a complete solution to suit your needs.

Town planning permit process

We take care of this for you. This can be daunting and time consuming to arrange on your own, so we do this for. The process may differ depending on your council and location, but more or less, it involves these steps:

  1. You have an initial consultation with us to discuss what you want and what your expectations for the development are.
  2. Research is conducted to understand what planning controls apply to your property and any specialist consultants that may be needed for your project.
  3. Town planning documentation is prepared, including design drawings and plans, town planning application, supporting information, estimated costs of the works and current Certificate of Title.
  4. Your council reviews the application. Public notification is given (if required) and a report prepared. At this point, a decision is made on the application.
  5. If approved, a complete package of drawings and documentation is prepared for you and any construction and building permits obtained.